Azzawiya Oil Refining Company intends to issue the above tender and wish to invite interested experienced and reputable Companies for manufacturing and supply ARC with fin tubes for air cooler bundles as followings:

  1. ITB documents to be transferred via e-mail to the vendors that accepted to participate within 30 days from date of issuing this announcement via ARC website , NOC website and Libyan investment website  provided that paying a non-refundable amount equal to 300 euros or equivalent through one of our below accounts ( taking in consideration that all bank charges for both transactions crediting and refunding are on issuer charges):
  2. Azzawiya Oil Refining Co.

BANK: British Arab Commercial Bank PLC.

8-10 Mansion House Place   |   London | EC4N 8BJ | UK

Tel: +44 20 7648 7777    |     Fax: +44 20 7600 3318

Account EURO No.: 0000100053

Swift Code: BACM GB 2L

IBAN: GB76BACM23 471200100053

  • Azzawiya Oil Refining Co.


That Al Emad P Complex | Tower 2 | P.O. Box: 2542 | Tripoli -Libya

Tel: +218 21 3350 155 – 60   |   Fax: +218 21 3350169

Account EURONo: 55727


  • Please submit the payment receipt along with an official evidence that the company is Specialized in the manufacture or supply of fin tubes for air cooler bundles , and has sufficient experience in it , via our email;
  • Payment Terms will be Net 30 days from receipt of full supported documents / Cash Against Documents /Irrevocable Confirmed Letter of Credit.
  • The refundable bid bond must be submitted alongside with the offers (will be in tender documents(, note that quotations without bid bond will be ignored and you have choice to submit it as stand by letter of credit or bank transfer or certified check from Libyan banks , and we should clarify the only state that the vendor would lose the bid bond if he withdrawal his offer from participation in this tender before the opening of the closed envelopes date.
  • Performance bond : Vendor should present in his quotation a performance bond equal to  10% of the total amount of the offer and undertakes to issue this bond within 30 days of being informed of the decision of placing of order in form of SBLC  as per Performance bond form (will be attached with ITB documents ) valid for the duration of warranty period .

Procurement committee address: –

Procurement Committee

Azzawiya Refining Co. Inc.

P.O Box 6451, Tripoli, Libya

Direct Tel/Fax: + 218 23 7620092

TEL: 00218237620125 – 26 , Ext 4005 or 5521

Email: &


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