Azzawiya Oil Refining Com. announces an invitation to Participate in the above-Mentioned tender for Companies that have the required legal valid documents accordance with condition of this letter of invitation as well as the other condition stipulated in the herewith enclosed Bid Documents.

Brief Description of the project:

 The project includes the construction of a canopy to protect firefighting vehicles and equipment, and the establishment of a store for emergency equipment.

 NOTE: the date for collecting the tender package commences from tender Committee office at   the company head office in Azzawiya. On 29 / 03 /2023 until 06 / 04 /2023 from (10:00) am to (12:00) pm, The package will be issued according to the following criteria:

1. Official letter addressed to Azzawiya company’s Chairman of Tender Committee confirming the desire to participate in this Tender.

2.   Representative of the interested company shall be authorized to collect the tender package and shall present an official document stamped with a company seal.

3.   Provide a copy of the following legal documents attached with the submitted offer:

•           Valid license compatible with the required work.

•           Commercial Registration.

•           Certificate   of   Registration   in   chamber   of commerce.

•           Payment of tax certificate.

•           Article of association.

1.         In case of no queries/ Inquiries are received from the bidder prior to bid submittal, this will be deemed mean that the bidder had studied the scope/ specifications in the bid package, found it clear from both technical and commercial aspects. Therefore, in case of any shortage and /or change of specification from ARC original bid document shall result in disqualifying the bidder’s offer, and shall be excluded from further considerations with no obligation to ARC to request any clarification from the bidder

2.         Paying value of (1500 DL) one thousand five hundred Libyan dinar, as the price  to  buy  the  tender document.(nonrefundable)

3.         Bid bond with a value (7000 LD) seven thousand Libyan dinar submitted in a separate envelope with your offer in the form of a certified check in a separate envelope, which shall be refunded in the event of failure to secure the tender.

•           Bids are to be submitted by hand to Azzawiya oil Refining co. Azzawiya, Libya, and Attention: Secretary of Tender committee.

•           Last date to receive offers is 01:00 noon                   30/04/2023

7.Said bids are to be signed, completed in ink and presented in a sealed envelope/package. The envelope /package shall be clearly marked – Quotation for

Construction of New Fire Trucks Garage Included Warehouse for Fire Tools at Azzawiya Refinery.

 Within the sealed envelope/package there

shall be three sealed envelopes:

*Envelope (A) shall contain the technical sections of tender –one original + two copies. “marked as technical offer”

*Envelope (B) shall contain the commercial sections of tender without price – one original + two copies. ” marked as unpriced commercial offer”

*Envelope (C) shall contain the commercial sections of tender with price – one original + one copy “marked as priced commercial offer”.

Write the name of the project on each envelope.

If you have any questions please contact the tender committee via :

FAX no. : 00218 23 7628670

E mail to: