TENDER NO, AZR/46/231092

Azzawiya Oil Refining Company Inc. (ARC), Azzawiya, Libya, intends to invite Manufactures / Vendors to supply Azzawiya Oil Refining Company, (FURNACE PARTS & ACCESSORIES) as per list of material specifications.

Those international firms specialized as Furnace Parts & Accessories manufacturers / vendors, who are interested in the above-mentioned subject, should send their enquiries of the detailed procurement documents including their company profile, brochures, and details of previous works in such subject to the following address: –

The Chairman, Procurement Committee.

Azzawiya Oil Refining Company Inc.

Azzawiya Main Department Building.

Office No, 10

P.O. Box 6451, Tripoli,

Tel. & Fax: +218 23 620092.

Azzawiya Libya.

  1. In order to Receive the procurement documents vendors should pay non-refundable fees equal to (500 Euro) to be deposited at finance department of Azzawiya Oil Refining Company (Five hundred Euros) to be credited to our A/C with (BACB) British Arab Commercial Bank within one month from this announcement during working hours.

BACB Bank details are: –

BANK Name: British Arab Commercial Bank PLC.

   Address: 8-10 Mansion House Place   |   London | EC4N 8BJ | UK

               Tel: +44 20 7648 7777    |     Fax: +44 20 7600 3318

               IBAN GB76BACM23 471200100053

               SWIFT BACM GB 2L

  • Receiving the tender documents starts on January 05th 2024 up to February 05th 2024 from Secretary of  Procurement Committee  Office No, 10 Main department building or by Email: procom@arc.com.ly 
  • Submission the offers shall not be later than 13 pm, February 15th, 2024.
  • Offers must be submitted alongside with a refundable bid bond equal to (2000 Euros) two thousand Euro to be credited to our Account in British Arab Commercial Bank PLC or as (SLBC) confirmed / advised by Libyan Foreign Bank Tripoli .
  • Offers without bid bond will be ignored.
  • Our RFQ tender NO, AZR/46/231092 to be indicated in all your correspondences as well as in the bid bond details.
  • Offers Validity must be 90 days
  • If the bidder withdraws before the date of opening envelopes, he loses his deposit amount without the need for Azzawiya Company to resort to the judiciary.
  • The successful bidder shall submit (10%) of the purchase order value within two weeks who being notified of this, and the company shall keep it until 30 days from receiving the materials.

For any enquiry please contact the following address:-

    Chairman of Procurement Committee

     E. Ramzi O. Alganodi

     Email: procom@arc.com.ly & chairman@arc.com.ly

     Tel. & Fax: +218 23 7620092.


Ex.4005 – 5521

     Website: www.azzawiyaoil.com.ly