Azzawiya Oil Refining Company (ARC)

Tenders Committee

Azzawiya Oil Refining Company Inc. (ARC), a subsidiary of National Oil
Corporation (NOC) is located on Mediterranean coast almost 50 km to the west
of Tripoli. Intends to tender to sell a single shipment of “Vacuum Gas Oil” for
a quantity of (20,000 ±10%) MTS (twenty thousand metric tons) as follows:

  • (12,000) MTs from Azzawiya Port.
  • (8,000) MTs from Benghazi Port.
    And according to the below brief specifications, terms and conditions with the
    following remarks:
    1- Paying a value of (200 USD) two hundred USD via bank transfer to
    one of the following accounts: –
  • Bank name: British Arab Commercial Bank.
    o Beneficiary name: Azzawiya Oil Refining Company.
    o Account No. :0000100190
    o Currency: USD
    o Swift code: BACMGB2LXXX
    o Sort code: 23-47-12
    o Iban: GB 63 BACM 2347 1200 100 190
  • Bank name: Libyan Foreign Bank.
    o Beneficiary name: Azzawiya Oil Refining Company.
    o Account: 3409
    o Currency: USD
    o Swift Code: LAFBLYLTXXX

NOTE: Tender documents will be sent to the bidder as soon as we receive the
prove of payment, payment to be made during the dates from Wednesday the
22 nd of May 2024 till Friday the 24 th of May 2024.
** value of the ITB documents is non-refundable**

2- Submission of Bids via Email
The Bids shall be signed, stamped on each page, and submitted as
detailed below:
a) One original technical offer.
b) One original un-priced offer.
c) One original priced offer protected by password.
The participant should provide a bid bond of a value equal to (5000 USD)
five thousand USD in a form of (STBLC) which is refundable after
awarding the tender.
** offers without bid bond will be ignored **
4- Offer shall be provided not later than Thursday the 30 th of May 2024.
5- Brief specification and QTY:

  • Vacuum Gas Oil (VGO) – Trade synonym name: Cat-cracker feedstock.
  • VGO: Heavy Petroleum distillates (vacuum).
  • Quantity: (20,000) MTs
  • Delivery term: Azzawiya and Benghazi Port.

The chairman, Tenders Committee
Office No. 11B, Main Administration Building
Azzawiya Oil Refining Company Inc.


For any inquires please do not hesitate to contact the Tender Committee at: