The Concept of Safety, Environment and Occupational Health


Occupational safety and health are defined as science that are concerned with the preservation of human safety and health, by providing safe working environments free of occupational accidents, injuries or illnesses. In other words, it is a set of procedures, rules and regulations within a legislative framework aimed at preserving the human being from the risk of injury and preserving the property from the risk of damage and loss.




The security and safety of the company is maintained by the Loss Prevention and Environmental Protection Department of Azzawiya Oil Refining Company protect employees and those who work for them from possible accidents and injuries, in addition to preserving, guarding and securing the company’s equipment and property. It also provides fire and pollution control equipment and training personnel and develop follow-up to safety regulation.

The Aims and Functions of Safety, Environment and Occupational Health Department

  • Apply public safety regulations and procedures and protect the company and employees in sites from accidents and injuries.

  • Training the company personnel in safety, fire, pollution and environmental protection rules and procedures.

  • Develop the work system of the Department, improve working conditions and propose appropriate regulations and procedures.

  • Submit the proposals for the provision of appropriate personal protective equipment according to global specifications.

  • Adopt different work permits.

  • Analyze accidents, their causes and pinpoint reasons and report to avoid such accidents in future.

  • Protect the human from work environment hazard injuries by preventing occupational accidents, injuries and illnesses.

  • Preserve the physical components such as facilities and equipment from accident damage and loss.

  • Provide and apply all occupational safety and health requirements which ensure a secure environment for human elements.

    The important activities and the related projects environmental and occupational health work

    • Processing sediment of tanks which contains saturated oil resulting from cleaning the tanks being maintained.

    • Establish sewage treatment plant and take advantage of it to irrigate parks.

    • Storing and disposal of chemicals to create a reserve for unused or expired chemicals.

    • Conducting an environmental survey study for the company.

    • Disposal of the equipment of the Tetraethyl Lead Unit.

    • Dispensing tetraethyl lead with another alternative i.e. MTBE.

    • Purchase of marine pollution control devices and equipment.

    • Experiments for a fictitious marine pollution incident.

    Training 1000 users within the on-site safety program during the past years.