Purchasing Department - Supplier Registration

How to register your company at suppliers' registry:

1- Send a request to: Sregistry@arc.com.ly

CC to :    Purchasing_mgr@arc.com.ly


  2- Enclose the following documents in (.PDF) or (.TIF) format:

  1. Request addressed to: Manager of purchasing department, Azzawiya Oil Refining Company Inc.
  2. Short preview on company.
  3. Company registration certificate at chamber of commerce in your country.
  4. Company SIC Code or NACE.
  5. Company experience / reference.
  6. Authorization certificate in case the company is a distributor of an agent for a well known manufacturer.

Important Note:


–  Supplier is obliged to update ARC with any change in their contact details.

–  RFQs are to be sent to the supplier through the registered emails.

–  The supplier is fully responsible towards the company for the information or documents that been provided or will provide, and the supplier undertakes to be correct, safe, and accurate. ARC has the right to contact any related party to get more information or clarifications against the  supported documents without disclosing the details and secruits of this documents.

–  Suppliers will be evaluated according to their prompt responses, and the offers are to be evaluated according to the  following criteria:  Completeness, Prices, Payment Term, Delivery duration, Company (Trader/ Manufacturer/ Distributor / Agent).

–   Your request will be duly reviewed and responded with a registration forms which to be filled out.

–   A confirmation of registration will be then sent to the supplier with the registration number.

The confirmation of registration means that the company is duly registered and classified in procurement system. It does not mean that the company is a certified supplier for ARC neither the company has the right to claim for not been included in RFQs.a