• Azzawiya Oil Refining Company


      Azzawiya Oil Refining Company(LIBYA) wishes to invite national and foreign companies who are specialized in the field of installation of thermal heaters inside tanks of asphalt plant, and who have the desire, capability and adequate experience in this field, to present the required documents for the purpose of pre-qualification in order to be able to participate in the subject tender.

Scope of  Works

Carry out all activities for installation of thermal heaters (supplied by Babcock Wanson, UK and presenly availabe in the warehouse at Benghazi asphalt plant)  for the following storage tanks at Benghazi asphat plant:

  1. TK-101A Reduced Crude
  2. TK-101B Reduced Crude
  3. TK- 103 VGO
  4. TK-105 Asphalt Tank

The scope of work shall include but not  limited to:

  1. Supply of materials such as piping, electrical power and instrument cables, fittings, material for concrete foundation, pipe sleepers etc.
  2. Installation works such as civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.
  • Inspection, testing, commissioning and startup of the heaters.
  • Onsite training for the Owner’s operation and maintenance personnel.

Required Documents:

  1. Legal status of the company or Joint Venture.
  2. A certificate of registration in the Commercial Register.
  3. An evidence of payment of all due taxes.
  4. Experience in executing similar works inside LIBYA and/or abroad.
  5. Managerial organization and financial status of the company, in addition to attaching a report on the company’s budget for the last three years certified by a legal accountant.
  6. A list of the works performed by the company at present attached with projects completion certificates, site(s) of the works and their contract price(s).
  7. Types and numbers of labour to be engaged in executing the Project if such company wins the project.
  8. Sub-contractor(s), if any.
  9. A letter of Guarantee from the parent company in case of the company being a subsidiary of another company or joint venture.
  10. Any other information companies wish to submit.

    Therefore, allcompanies that have the desire and willingness to participate in the tendershall submit a dossier (hard copy + soft copy) with the above-mentioneddocuments to the Secretary of Tenders committee, Office No. 12B, MainAdministration Building, Azzawiya Oil Refining Co., Azzawiya, Libya, not laterthan 09/05/ 2019.

For any further inquiries, you may write to us via our E-mail:


You may also contact us through our fax: +218 23 7648670

NB. Pre-qualified companies will be invited later to apply for, and receive, the relevant ITB Documents.