• Azzawiya Oil Refining Company

Safety, Environment and Occupational Health


The Concept of Safety, Environment and Occupational Health

Safety and Occupational Health are concerned with the maintaining the man’s safety and health through providing safe working environment free from causes of accidents, injuries and occupational diseases. In other words, these are a set of procedures, rules and regulations all put together in a legislated framework, aiming to keeping man away from the risks of injury as well as the preservation of property from the dangers of damage and loss. The Loss Prevention and Environment Protection Department looks after the security and safety of the Company and its employees, in addition to those who perform tasks for the Company and guards them from accidents and injuries that may occur, and it also protects the Company’s equipment and properties through guarding and securing its location. It also provides all necessary equipment and apparatus for fighting fires and pollution. It also provides training for its employees and develops the safety regulations and follows up their application.



Aims and Tasks of the Department in Safety, Environment and Occupational Health:


  • The application of regulations and procedures of general safety and the protection of the Company and its employees and those working for it within its premises from accidents and injuries.
  • The training of Company’s employees on safety rules, procedures, firefighting, pollution, environment protection and health preservation.
  • Provision of technical consultancy and suggestions regarding new projects and maintenance works.
  • Development of the management system, improving the work circumstances and suggesting appropriate regulations and procedures.
  • Recommending the suitable personal protection equipment as per international specifications.
  • Making available modern equipment for protecting the Company’s properties.
  • The Approval of various work permits.
  • Analysis of accidents to determine their causes and to avoid them in future.
  • Preventing employees from being subordinate to work accidents.
  • Keeping establishments, materials and equipment away from damage and loss due to accidents.
  • Making available and implementing the safety requirements along with the occupational health requirements that guarantee a safe working environment, free of dangers and risks.



Major works of safety, environment and occupational health during the past years:


  • The Treatment of Tank residue left from tanks cleaning after maintenance.
  • Establishing the Sewage Treatment Unit and utilizing treated water for gardening.
  • Making an isolated area for storing unused or expired chemicals.
  • Conducting a survey study for the Company’s environment.
  • Getting rid of the TEL Unit equipment.
  • Getting rid of TEL material and replacing it with MTBE.
  • Purchasing new equipment for marine pollution fighting.
  • Carrying out experiments on an artificial marine pollution accident.
  • Training 1000 employees within the Site Safety Program.